As part of BSides København we will be having a good old CTF - Capture the Flag. But there's a twist. Our CTF will not be technical.

Instead we will be having an OSINT CTF - the goal is to - using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) - dig up enough of the personalinformation we will be using as flags on each of our 'voluntargets' within the assigne time limit. This will be held physically at a yet undisclosed location in Copenhagen the evening before BSides København - Nov 22.

The BSides København official OSINT CTF is arranged in close collaboration with CG Silvers Consulting who has been arranging OSINT CTF at BSides ATL, GrrCon, NolaCon and DerbyCon several times. 

Please note we have a max of 10 teams and all the seats have been reserved. This page will be updated to contain more information about the event and the results.