Jack Daniel

Network and security systems engineer focusing on practical information security for the small enterprise, now focusing on enterprise security and integration of emerging technologies. Information Technology and Information Security community advocate serving several leadership positions in the community, including board positions on three Security BSides 501(c)(3) corporations. Frequent speaker on technology, security, and compliance topics; from small groups to major conferences including Shmoocon, SOURCE Boston, DEFCON, RSA, and many BSides events. Specialties: Network security, analysis and design. Information security education. Massachusetts data breach and data protection laws and regulations: 93H, 93I, and 201CMR17.00. Cloud Computing (hold CCSK). Pragmatic Marketing trained Product Manager. Currently researching stress and burnout in information security careers, and beginning an exploration on the elders of infosec.

Marcus Mengs

Marcus works as information security specialist for large German organization since 2001. While he is often involved in specialized technical tasks, as well as engagements (blue and red team), his main focus is on bringing awareness to users in his area of responsibility. Having a job in security industry means it is not always possible to share ideas and acquired knowledge with a broad public community. To compensate for this, Marcus keot working on his real passions to his private live, where he does reverse engineering, open source tool development and vulnerability research. He contributed to various security related software projects, released open source security tools (P4wnP1, P4wnP1 ALOA, KARMA WiFi mod for Pi Zero, covert channels …) and discovered and reported vulnerabilities (IBM, Oracle, Invision …). His every-day-challenge is to find the balance between work, hobbies and family. Although Marcus gives numerous talks throughout a year, he emphasized that he enjoys it even more to do it in front of a public community of interest.

Zoë Rose

Zoë Rose is a highly regarded hands-on cyber security specialist, who helps her clients better identify and manage their vulnerabilities and embed effective cyber resilience across their organisation; through engaging exercises to build better people defences, to enhanced technical controls. Zoë has developed extensive experience in designing and executing cyber security improvement programmes and specialises in helping people become more aware of cyber threats. Zoë is a Cisco Champion and a certified Splunk Architect, who frequently speaks at conferences and is quoted in the media, and most recently featured in Vogue.

Niel Nielsen

Professionally been doing penetration testing for 15 years, for the most recognized Security companies in DK, and one Big-4. Also, Owner, Sec1 Security • Have a passion for Mobile Security and breaking what cant be broke. • Made a working adaption of LogiTACKER for April Brothers Dongle. • Hired by the Company everyone loves to hate for 3 years as their internal hacker • Recognized developer @ XDADevelopers Forum • Member of Sony Xperia Team (unlocked Xperia Play bootloader) • Founding member of Maemo E.v. (after Nokia was sold, community take-over of Maemo/Meego assets) • Developed working Packet injection for Nokia N9

Magnus K Stubman

Software developer turned cyber security professional, primarily focusing on Red teaming and Application security. Certified OSCE, OSCP, CISSP.

Martin Clausen

Martin is Head of Cyber Innovation Labs at Danske Bank. He’s been a security professional for 16 years with a mix of blue, red, architecture and leadership roles. His real passion is to rethink solutions and solve cyber problems right way - to try and tip the asymmetric balance between red and blue.

Flemming Riis

Flemming's allow list with potential bypasses beats your deny list any day.

Keld Norman

Keld is an IT security consultant at Dubex. He is SANS GIAC certified as a Forensics Examiner, Certified Ethical Hacker and part of the Dubex Incident Response Team (DIRT). Keld has a past in IBM, where he has worked with both Mainframe, AIX and Linux. In addition to the daily work of setting up firewalls, red teaming and incident response calls, he is often out giving lectures and visualizing how hackers work. As a volunteer, he also teaches children aged 7-10 in the local Coding Pirates Association in Allerød.

Mathias Jessen

Mathias works as a Security Engineer at Booking.com, and share a fascination with programming in general and PowerShell in particular. With a combined 30 years of IT experience with David Wall, they're continually amazed to still have a full head of hair (each!)

Frederik Raabye

Frederik is a reformed developer turned infosec consultant. He works at Dubex A/S, where he takes part in general security advisory and various penetration testing services.

David Wall

David works as a Security Engineer at Booking.com, and share a fascination with programming in general and PowerShell in particular. With a combined 30 years of IT experience with Mathias Jessen, they're continually amazed to still have a full head of hair (each!)

Morten Schenk

Morten Schenk is a content developer and trainer at Offensive Security where he teaches the revered Advanced Windows Exploitation course. Morten has previously presented about Windows 10 Kernel Exploitation techniques at Black Hat USA and DEFCON and loves writing exploits to evade new mitigations protections introduced to Windows.

Peter Aarhus

Henrik Breitenbauch

Henrik Breitenbauch heads the Centre for Military Studies at the University of Copenhagen.