BSides København are looking for sponsors to help us start a hopefully long tradition of BSides København and to strengthen the local infosec community.
We are looking for sponsors in the 5-10,000 DKK range (or more) as well as sponsors to support us in arranging travel and accommodation for foreign speakers.

As a sponsor we can't offer you much but we will mention you on stage, in slideshows around the venue, on posters and on our website. Should you wish to, you can have a café table in the common area of the venue (right outside where talks are held) and we will accommodate a job forum where people looking for job will wear one color armband and people offering a job will wear another.

Here in year one we are aiming for an event with 100 guests (plus volunteers).

Reach out to [email protected] or ping us at twitter to hear more.


Our current sponsors are (in alphabetical order):

We have invited a number of community based volunteer associations to join the conference as well: